Tom Argue - Custom ‚ÄčCreations





The pieces where judged by a panel of well knows masters and the results are in!!!!! I couldn't possibly be happier! I was more than satisfied with being at the event and meeting so many great people. The results are icing on top!

I entered two pieces into the event. One in the Jewellery Category and one in the Sculpture Category. I was very nervous since this was the first time my work would be viewed not only by the public but by the masters of Jade. As a new Jade carver I carefully considered my entries. I deliberately stayed away from what is generally seen in both categories. I'm highly competitive and I felt that to stand a bit of chance to get close to the podium I would have to differentiate myself and my work.

My first piece was the Jewellery entry. I chose to make a Hair Pin. My first design was a pin with a Whale tale on the top. I really enjoyed the design and it came together well. However after some deliberation with myself and my wife we decided that it wasn't enough. So I changed the design and came up with a pin & chain design. This design pushed me to my carving limits! I was also fortunate enough to get some guidance online from Lachlan in Australia and was finally able to put a proper finish on this piece. 

My second piece was a Jade Fan. This one is titled "Hidden Within" and that is a reference to the hidden colours within the Jade that come out with light applied, the effect of the etching which is hidden with light applied and the bonsai that hides its true age vs its size.

Both pieces are created with Dease Creek, British Columbia Jade which I find particularly pleasing to the eye. Its rather difficult to word due to the black magnetite inclusions which are very soft vs the Jade itself. I have overcome that and the polish/finish is very satisfying on such a difficult stone. 

For 6 months during 2014 over 45 carvers and artists from 6 different countries made their creations to enter into the symposium. It all came together on the weekend of November 21st - 23rd. And oh what an event. The best in the world came together with the newest to the craft and the sharing and bonding didn't end. New friends were made, methods discussed and the fun didn't stop! Now the wait starts for the next event!!